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Dec 07 baby's Lock Rss

how are things, i have a 4 month old daughter named Aleira, she was born on 25th dec 07! chrissy day lol!!! she is smiling laughing, rolling on her side, and rolling belly to back, but not back to belly. I have been very lucky that Aleira sleeps through the night, but she still has a bad night here and there. its sceary how fast they grow up. my sisters little girl is 8 months and there isn't much size difference between them now. i can't wait till my daughter starts eating solids.
take care hope to talk soon

My daughter, Indiana, was born the 22nd Dec..
She has rolled from tummy to back once a few weeks ago but nothing since! She has a 4 year old sister so maybe she is just going to be lazy and let her do all her running around!! lol
My son is 5mths old & laughing, smiling etc but no where near rolling over! He did roll from belly to back about a month ago but has not even attempted since! He sleeps through the night & other nights wakes up for a bottle. I just take each day as it comes. Just started introducing farex & he loves it!
isn't it amazing how close in age kids can be but yet they do new thing completely different. Aleira has always slept through to but in this last week she has been waking so many times in the night and its been to cold and iv been a bit lazy to try and pat, rock, let cry her back to sleep, i cheat and give her a bottle. i think thats why she has been waking up even more. yeah i tryed farex and she wasn't that fussed on it. i might try her again in a few weeks.

i love that name Indiana! my due date was the 23rd dec, what was yours? i dont blame your baby girl for letting her big sis do everything her i guess i would too!

My bub Charlotte arrived on Dec 10th... She's doing great! She rolls over (back to tummy) all the time now, but never tummy to back... she just cries until you put her back on her back! lol! started her on farex at 4 1/2 months, and now she's having pureed fruit & vegies morning and night. the last couple of weeks she hasn't been slepping as well at night, but i think it's starting to settle down again!

Indiana was born on her due date! With the help of a nice hot curry that my sister in law made as I didnt want to be hospital for Christmas!
Am thinking of starting her on Farex in the next couple of weeks.. Do you think Aleira is ready for it yet? Indiana has also suffered from severe reflux (To the point of refusing bottles unless they have Gaviscon or Losec in them) and seems to be going good on the S26 AR Formula so not sure what to do!!!
well thats one way to bring on labour lol! at fist i thought she wasn't ready so i stopped for a 2 weeks or so and tryed again instead of plain farex i mixed in some apples and she like it heaps better. i only give it to her at night. reflux poor indiana that would be the worst thing to have! im going through the stage of aleira not sleeping through at the moment, little brat lol!

hey yeah i have the same problem with aleira not sleeping through at the moment what are u doing? freeding? rocking? ect! she has always slept through. Aleira has almost rolled onto her belly! she turns around all the time when she is on the floor, but only when im not watching!

Well I tried to give indy some farex today, not because i think she needs it just to see what she would do... She laughed at me and then spat it out!! Oh well, guess I'll try again in the next couple of weeks!!
Where are you from??
I have a little one who was born on 10 dec 07.
She is rolling belly to back and turns on her sides. She also has just started to do a little wiggle that makes her move up to the top of the bed. It is so cute.

She is on solids as she has been really hungry!!! She eats all sorts but i started her on farex. She loves it I mix her meals with milk to make sure that she is getting just that little bit extra. She had bad reflux and the solids has helped her and hasnt had it since giving it to her. She is on S26gold

She loves her jolly jumper!

How are you guys going?
Hi girls! hope ur all well... charlie is going good, tried her on carrots last night, she loved them! think i might try broccoli next... has ne 1 done broccoli? does it mush up alright? she's now sleeping from 7.30pm - 6-7am, yay!!! her teething is still driving her mad (and me)during the day, she hasn't cut ne teeth yet though. has ne 1 elses bubs cut ne teeth? catch u all later!

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