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Baby's Growth & Development


brachycephaly flat head helmet therapy

Hi I'm just posting to try to warn people about not leaving it too long if wanting/needing to do ...

41 replies

Maybe that's not quite on topic, though I was told, that it's much easier to prevent than to fix with surgeries. Flat head...


Motor Skills 9 Month Old

Ok, so I know all babies develop in their own time, however my daughter is 9 months next week and...

5 replies

How are your bubs all going now?


3 yr old can’t walk

My cousins 3 yr old granddaughter doesn’t walk, can’t stand on her own & only says mum or da...

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Bicornuate uterus

Hi Everyone, I am currently 13 weeks and was diagnosed with a Bicornuate Uterus at my 10 week sc...

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If you are new user to sage 50 accounting software and looking for the sage 50 technical suppor...


3 month old stopped smiling

My 3 month old wee man decided to go cold yesterday I am so used to basking in his warm smiles a...

3 replies

Quickbooks is an accounting software which is mostly use in small business and mid-sized busin...


Helmets for Flatheads

My bub has been wearing a helmet for her flathead (Plagiocephaly) for about a month and a half no...

26 replies

Hi My baby is 7months old. Her head is uneven and has small bump. On her 2nd month the doctors say it will go away on its own. Now s...


HCG levels

So I went to go check if I could have babies only to find out through a blood test that I was act...

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Head Lag for 5 month old

My DD has just turned 5 months, though has bad head lag when being pulled up from a lying down po...

14 replies

Experiencing the same with my little boy who is 4 months. Keen to hear experiences/advice/ outcomes. Very anxious & worried mummy.

Baby boy getting erections

Hi everyone So my nearly 10 month old ds has been waking up with an erection the last few days. ...

15 replies

I am a father, I am 45 and my wife wants to have another child. I understand it and want to support it, but alas, in my condition, i...


Books & Toys that you recommend for early learning.

Which books & baby toys do u recommend for a 1 year old, that encourage him in learning and l...

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19 months and not talking

I just have a question that I’m sure has been asked many times. Should I be worried my 19 month i...

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TV... Yay or nay?

Hey guys, I just wanted to know everyones thoughts on watching TV. My DS is 6mo, and appears to l...

11 replies

I think it's okay, it's better not to watch TV too long


Is T.V Watching bad???

I have a 15 week old baby girl who loves to watch t.v. Can anyone tell me if this is bad for her...

41 replies

Television is a bad influence on kids. Some reasons why are kids who watch TV are more likely to be overweight, watching TV at an ea...


Baby Eye Colour

When did your baby's eye colour change? My son is currently 4 months old and still has blue eyes...

18 replies

I wanted to know the same thing my partner and I have brown eyes my oldest was born with dark eyes almost black then turned brown pr...


Help! My baby is headbutting!

Hi ladies, I have a 10 and a half month old GIRL and she has been recently headbutting when angr...

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Headbutting HELP!!!!

My DS2 is turning 1yr old this thursday and over the last 2 mths he has started headbutting. At f...

13 replies

Hi ladies, I have a 10 and a half month old GIRL and she does the exact same thing. Really distressing to watch. Headbutts the floo...


My daughters freakishly tall??

My daughter has always been very tall and skinny, at least 5kg underweight for her height. I'...

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Is my baby ready for solids?

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on here. My son is 16 weeks and has been sleeping thr...

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When do they sit themselves up?

My DD is 7 1/2 months old and has been sitting unassisted since 5 months, however when she flops ...

25 replies

My son was sitting unsupported around 6.5 months but still can't get there himself. I was just thinking about the crib position...


what's gender ?

Do not think about anything, just wait a little and you will soon know the sex of your child.

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Head circumference


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Head circumference

HELP PLEASE Hi everyone Not sure if it’s okay to ask,but Just wondering what your LOs weight,h...

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Extra toe

Hi first time I have ever written on this forum. Looking for advice, positive stories and or guid...

8 replies

It's is really a very common situation and it is not a sing that something goes wrong with your child. It's us, grown up p...


Implanon removal effecting hormones

Hi all Just wanting some input on the following and see if anyone has gone through it as well. ...

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11 week old teething??

The past week my 11 week old (tomorrow) has been putting her fist into her mouth..i just thought ...

9 replies

My 12 week old boy has been sucking on his fists, drooling and making biting gestures.... Did anyone of your LOs lose their latch on...

Saph Hunter


I’m really worried I woke up this morning and my boobs have completely stopped hurting. Is this n...

2 replies

No not breast feeding I’m only trimester one. My breasts were hurting up until this morning. But now they are sore and tender again ...


When Did Your Baby Crawl?

Hi there My 7 month old has just learned to roll over on to her tummy but cannot roll back. She ...

19 replies

Crawling is the next step in the development of a child that comes after he starts sitting up. Mostly a child starts walking after h...


I need help

hi well i have a neally 6 mth old daughter she has always got relly bad wind ever since she was b...

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Is my baby too fat?

Hi there Everyone, My daughter is almost 6 months and weighs about 10kg. She is quite tall also ...

6 replies

mum2brooke wrote: DON'T WORRY AT ALL. Brooke is now 12months old was a big chubba with all the rolls of baby fat and weighed m...

Are cot bumpers safe to use?

Hi all I have a 9n month old daughter who sleeps in a sleeping bag. I find that when I go and c...

4 replies

Our baby kept bumping his head on the hard cot bars all of the time and we brought these amazing Pure Safety Vertical Cot Liners. Th...


HI all, My 7 month old can move every where in her cot and has now started to wake during the ni...

4 replies

Our baby kept bumping his head on the hard cot bars all of the time and we brought these amazing Pure Safety Vertical Cot Liners. Th...


Tricuspid valve regeritation

Hi, I was wondering if anyone’s buns were diagnosed with Tricuspid valve regeritation and pulmona...

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Which Crib Mattress to Buy- Foam or Coil?

Hi, I am a first time mother and confused choosing the right mattress for my baby. Could you plea...

2 replies

Choosing a crib mattress might seem like a boring task but it's one that warrants careful consideration. Check this guide befor...


Text twist

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Charlottes mummy

What age is the best to start swimming lessons???

Hi Ive been thinking of starting swimming lessons for my 4 month baby girl but I was just wonderi...

7 replies

I took my baby to Pengu Swim School when she was 5 months old because she enjoyed playing in the water.


U/S date confusing

Hi ladies just have a dilemma, went for an ultrasound 4 days ago and they measured the baby at 11...

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Bilingual Kids - are they losing their native tongue? Lock

Hi everyone, I am a Vietnamese Aussie who can barely speak Vietnamese however, I know enough to...

12 replies

Hi, this is janny. Hope you are fine. Language is mod of communication for people. But it becomes a barrier when there comes a diffe...


Babies hair growth

My son is 5 months old and was born with a huge mop of hair. In the last few weeks when washing b...

15 replies

hi, as for me - it really helpfull, the list-directory with all hair salons! all in one -


Umbilical vein varix

Im 29 weeks pregnant and on a routine growth scan baby appears small for gestational age. They al...

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Hot Baths and Spas

Hi All, I just found out that I'm a 5 weeks pregnant and that having hot baths can not be go...

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