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Update on my IVF procedure Lock Rss

Hello ladies! How are you all holding up? Well, as you all know me here. Just wanted to say Hi again...I just have now my confirmed dates for the IVF procedure. They have sent me the whole procedural manual/documents for it. Now, I'm pretty sure and tense free...But, I'm so nervous! So, yeah! I've to go to Ukraine for a period of more than a month for it! We are looking to book our flights now. They prescribed some diet plans and medications before getting into it. So, yes! I'm just as they want me to it. Wish me luck! I've waited already enough...
Hey there. How are you doing? This is wonderful to hear. I hope everything goes well perfect. Don't be tense just be positive. that is all you need. I wish you good luck. Looking to hear more good news from you. Have a safe journey.
Sarah dear it is undoubtedly a great news. After a long phase of disappointment and hopelessness, you have made the right solution. The clinic in Ukraine is a reliable choice. If you want an evidence then I am a witness to the perfection you will get there. They make an excellent choice for the infertile IPs. These clinics in the East European region are an economical option. For anyone seeking a perfect solution, this clinic gives the proper advice. They deal in both IVF and surrogacy. In both the cases, they do a great job. They suggest the treatment that is the most suitable one. They conduct all kinds of tests in outclass laboratories. The IVF procedures will also take place in the controlled laboratory conditions. The clinics try not to waste a single embryo or sperm obtained from the parents. I hope that your IVF sessions go successfully. We will anxiously wait for your updates.
Hello there! I hope you are in the best of your health.Not being able to give birth can cause problems for the life of people who are married, but there is a solution to every problem and science have proved it. No need to blame yourself for what has been with you. There are very well known clinics in our Europe that can help you.My colleague visited a clinic in Ukraine and she now has a beautiful baby girl. They provided her with all the basic needs required. They gave her the best atmosphere where she was happy and had a memorable time.So after sharing my colleague's experience with you I hope it helps you make a fine decision.
Hey there Sarah! I hope you're doing fine. It's great to hear from you again. You took the right decision, dear. IVF is a good option for you. And by choosing Ukrainian clinic, you made a perfect choice. Now just be stress-free. Everything will be done perfectly. I would suggest that you follow the doctors' instructions very seriously. It is very important. I've been through an IVF. That's why I know how essential are these initial steps. I wish you have an amazing process and you conceive quickly. The clinic which I went to offered me multiple IVF tries. They even guarantee that if you don't conceive after multiple tries, your money will be refunded. Anyway, I wish you luck. I'll pray for you!
Hi ladies!It's really encouraging to see all the ladies being so strong.I want to share my story too.Since childhood, I dreamt of a big family with at least 3-4 children. After finishing school, I decided that I want to work with children. I get a great pleasure from it. I work as a nanny in kindergarten. I always spend a lot of time with children and dream about my own. Unfortunately, I’m infertile. I have diagnosed it a few years ago. So, I decided to use IVF. With my husband, we tried to do the procedure in one clinic in Brussels. Unfortunately, the eggs appeared to be of low quality. After three attempts there was no result. After some month of searching, we decided to go to Ukraine. It is one of the countries, where doctors use only fresh biomaterial. In one of the clinics, Biotexcom there`s such a good offer. Surprisingly, on the second try, I got pregnant! My baby is 8 month now.
Best of luck to you too.You go girl.
Hi dear.I am so glad to know that finally, you have received your documents.I am sure you have healthy and great success in future.Just don't be worried and tense, Stay believe in good things and it will happen for you.You can also follow the diet plan and medications.I hope you have healthy and pregnancy in future.Stay blessed and healthy.Keep going on.
Hey, there it’s good to read that you finally came across to your solution.
Even I am one you who are struggling with infertility and is unable to conceive. But every time I visit this forum. I got to see many hopes.
I am glad to see that many of you have got your hopes and found the way to parenthood.
After so many struggles, I have also found surrogacy to be the way out of it.
I am looking for clinics that would help me out the best way possible. I might also travel to the place where I would get best infertility clinic.
Of course, I am considering the places where I could carry out procedures without any allegations.
And yes! Good to hear that you have got the best instructors. This is what a patient requires. They may lead you to your best of the results.
Good luck. XX
Hi there! I hope you're well. I'm so happy for you. I know TTC can be very tough. It's great that you looked into your options. I hope it goes well for you. Just keep following the doctor's orders. You should do great! I myself went to Ukraaine for my surrogacy treatment. I have a beautiful little girl from it. It's been an mazing experience. I'm sure the choice of clinic really matters. I think you'll exerience the same. I look forward to hearing more from you. keep us updated. Got my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!
Hi there! I hope you are in the best of your health. People who have been going through infertility since ages. Women have been blaming themselves for all this. Women have been making their lives hell for ages. But they do not need to make their lives hell. They must remain strong in their lives and never be sad about it. Modern science has made it possible for infertile women to have their own child. There are clinics that deal with the process of surrogacy. Surrogacy is banned in some of the other countries. So people must try other European countries. They have good offers for the people suffering from it. Their services are great. I know some people who visited there. I hope they help you solve their problem.
I'll definitely agree. Ukraine is a surrogacy friendly country. I know that a surrogate there has no right to keep a baby after its birth. You know, too many controversial stories on boards where parents say their surrogate pretends she's changed her mind and wants to keep a baby. That's awful. Intended parents who suffer a lot and pay out of their pockets shouldn't be treated like that. So being in ones' shoes I'd look onto Ukraine at least because of its legislative base and high success surrogacy rates among clinics.
Hi there! I hope you are in the best of your health. Surrogacy is a process in which people who are infertile can have their own children. Their infertility may cause them to be underconfident. These people do not live their lives to the fullest. Through surrogacy, they can have the most beautiful happiness of their lives. Being a mother I can understand that not having a child for a couple can have very much adverse effects on them. They cannot have happiness in their lives. These people should go for surrogacy because this would give them the best happiness of their lives. Having a child of your own is the best feeling in the world. So it is up to you to decide whether you want it or not. I would pray that the best happens to you.
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