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When did you let your toddler walk at the shops Lock Rss

My 14 month old has been walking from 9 months old but everytime we go to the shops he sits In his pram, most days he doesn't mind but on the odd occasion he does want to walk.
I have let him walk with us a couple of times either down the street or at the shops but he is very head strong and doesn't want to hold our hand or even walk in the same direction lol
I was just wondering when everyone started to teach their toddlers to walk at the shopping centres
my 16 month old isn't walking around confidently yet, so she's happy sitting in her pram. i know my sister let her kids walk around at the shops when there wasn't a big crowd, probably around 18 months? our babies didn't start to walk til around after 12 months though. so can imagine your little one is loving the freedom! i've only heard of a few babies starting walking at 9 months. so cool! smile
My boys nearly two. He is also head strong and takes off when he can. I guess I let him walk if I feel comfortable that I can contain him / he's quite strong now too. We walked into a shop he held my hand then once in he wanted to take off I chased him then just held him while I did what I needed then left . I'd take pram if can't be bothered with any of that . At this stage I would not be comfortable walking the streets without our pram or car near by .
my 2 years old baby girl has been walking when she was 11 months old. She also sits on her pram, when she got tired after walking

I think your child loves the freedom. Most children of my friends walk between 11-14 months. One or two from all I knew their child walk in 9 months. In fact, no amount of teaching will ensure that your toddler is always as cautious as he should be, so it's vital that you take responsibility yourself for keeping him safe. if you're in a safe, open space where you can see your toddler and he can see you, it's okay to let him run ahead of you. Bring a toy for him to play with may that let him being beside you. talk with him about things you don’t want him to do. If the shop isn’t crowded let him walk around, but in nearest places that u can see him
If he's walking, he's ready to learn about walking safely with you in public places.
My first born was an early Walker too, so the only option was to teach her the first time she wanted to walk at the shops. We had a rule that she could walk as long as she stayed within five steps of me, if not, she had to go in the pushchair.
If it was really busy, she held my hand, or she went straight back in the chair.
Another helpful thing she loved was walking and jumping games. If there were any lines or squares on the floor we made a game out of following them or jumping patterns.
Teaching her to freeze when I said "stop!" was also the best thing I ever did.
You can make that into a fun game too, she had to be a statue and strike a ridiculous pose and be as still as possible.

When they're a bit bigger and won't let you hold them getting out of the car, we invented 'sticky hand, stuck!' if I had to take my hand off her for a moment to lock car or whatever, I'd say "sticky hand, sticky haaand....stuck!!" And 'stick' her hand to the safest side of the car next to me.
Good luck!
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