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What to buy the 6 month old for Xmas that allready has everything? Lock Rss

What do you buy a 6 month old for Christmas? He has a billion toys and clothes, he has a swing and bouncer and jolly jumper, he has a play gym and walker. He has like everything, he's a little bit spoilt! I don't want to buy him more toys, coz he has too many already. And same with clothes. Any ideas??

Maybe new clothes to wear like the next size up smile
I'd use it as an opportunity to buy a few bigger items you'd like him to have as a toddler. I'd just get a small age appropriate thing to play with on the day but its not like he'll know/remember/care about his first Christmas. I did this with all celebrations for my son until he was ~18 months and actually started to get what a present was.

Things like duplo or a train set as the costs of those add up pretty quick if you try to get a resonable size set for when they actually get to the age when they'll want them. Also maybe a ride on toy or smart trike as he's only a few months off using a smart trike (I think they start around 9 months). I got my son a paddling pool for his first Christmas which we've now used for 2 summers. Also an artists easel is something my son loves at age 24 months.

Even now that my son loves presents I still use Christmas as an opportunity to buy up things like clothes etc even knowing a 2 year old boy has no interest in what he wears.

Hope that helps.
My baby will be 5 months and we aren't getting him anything. Buying his cot, pram etc has already cost a small fortune wink We may wrap up some of his existing toys, apart from that his Aunty's, Uncle's and grandparents will spoil him I'm sure - plus he won't remember so this year we are saving the pennies!
Oh a little paddling pool might be a great idea! N I know he won't remember but photos will be his memory's. it's only my second child so I like to get him somthing anyway, we've got him a few other little toys because I couldn't think of anything else lol
But I might go to big w and scope out a baby pool. It is summer after all! Thanks guys smile much appreciated!

Ummm NOTHING!! This child is 6 months old. Enjoy the fact that he won't know anything about it for a couple of years and then the expense begins. I didn't get christmas or birthday presents for my kids until they could unwrap them themselves and understand a little. Until then - waste of money.
That's just your opinion. My kids won't be missing out, I want to have photos to show him when he's older of his first Christmas, and it is his first Christmas, so it's pretty exciting and special to us. If you can afford to spoil your kids, why not?!

Love your last comment as its about family being together and watching the little ones open there first xmas present at least you will get to look back on the good times and not only that a six month old would love to rip up paper as my son did when he was 6 months he cracked up laughing he still rips papper up smile
Exactly my point, I couldn't let him miss out just because he's only 6 months and won't remember it.
And I can't wait to see him open his first Xmas present! It will be such a happy moment for him and us smile

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