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Non baby related but looking for answers as I'm at my wits end! Lock Rss

Hey there, can anyone shed some light onto why my fiancé sets off the alarms in every shop we walk in to or out of?! It's so embarrassing as people think we are shoplifting, and state at us! It happens every time we walk in or out of Coles, Woolies, Big W, Target.
Any store with those beeper things that you walk inbetween when you enter or leave.
He always wears different clothes, so it can't be his clothes, I'm just so curious to see what the hell is making the alarms go off! And no he does not shoplift! It just so frustrating especially when he has never done the wrong thing like steal. Anyone had this happen or experienced this? And if so what was making the beepers go off?!

Go through his wallet and check that he has nothing with a security sticker on it.

My mum had a box from a 3 pack of film for her camera (yes, we're talking a while ago here) in her handbag. She kept wondering what had been setting the sensors off for a month or so!

I can't think of much that would fit in his wallet. Maybe a store has put it on a gift card or like a phone credit card or something! Being male I'm assuming that he typically only carries his keys, wallet, phone. Next time it goes off, you carry each item of his back through the sensors, individually so that maybe you can narrow it down to what is setting them off.
What about shoes? Does he always wear the same shoes? There may be a thingy in them that wasn't deactivated when you purchased them.

It may even be his wallet. They quite often have tags built into them for security purposes! The shop assistant may not have deactivate it when his wallet was bought.

Thanks for that, I will look in his wallet n see if there's any tags/ barcodes that might set it off. He wears Nike Air Forces for shoes and they do have a metal strip on the laces part, maybe that?
But I'm going to figure it out if it kills me, it's soooo embarrassing. The other day he was packing our groceries in the trolley from the bit where the checkout chick puts them, n he must of kept crossing the security thing and it just went off like 10 times in a row! I'll get to the bottom of it eventually! Otherwise he's not coming shopping anymore! Lol

Thanks for your help smile

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