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Does anyone care about my second baby?? Rss

I am a Mum to a 2year old & a 6week old.When we had our first son we were literally having people constantly want to see us/have cuddles/ringing/txting you name it. I just imagined it would be the same when we had our second son. Noone really seems to care about my second son (apart from my immediate family & my best friend). I feel like a bit of a princess complaining as to be honest its nice to not have many people around but I just cant help but feel a bit sorry for my baby- like why dont people want to see him? We have had some family & a few friends around- only my husbands mum has been to see us & the rest of his family havent even brought up that they want to see us..... Just feels like people want us to come to them! Hard to put into words to explain it- but whenever any of my family/friends have had second & subsequent children Ive been just as excited to see them as their first baby so thought it would be the same. For example- My sister in law who loves in Aussie was over when my son was born (she was staying 2hours drive away) but didnt make it up to see us as didnt feel up to travelling with her 2year old & wanted me to take both kids (by myself) to the airport to see HER (my son was less than 2weeks at the time & it was also on a Friday in rush hour traffic & an hour & a half drive from us). Is it bothering me more than it should? xx
.... I didnt go & see her (forgot to write that). Was such a ridiculous expectation from her when I was feeding hourly! x
This seems to be normal behavior. I know when my cousins had their first children I sent presents, but didn't worry about it for subsequent babies - oops! smile
My sister in law has also commemted similarly to u, and now I have had no.2 there have been quite a few cards but no where near as many gifts.
I guess it is all just much more exciting for people the first time round smile

Yes!!! Thats exactly it- hard/nerve wracking to get out & about & its a bit cabin feverish huh? Bring on summer when we can be outside all the time smile im not worried about presents at all especially seeing we have 2boys so loads of clothes etc- just be nice to think people WANT to meet him.but glad it seems to be whats the norm & its not just me xx
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