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Too much sleep for a 2 year old? Lock Rss

Hi all
I am new to this forum and I thought I would throw my worry out there before I go to the doctor as I might just be crazy! Anyway, I have a 2.5 yr old daughter who seems to me to sleep A LOT. I know...weird right? Aren't we supposed to worry when they don't sleep enough??

So she goes to bed between 7.30 and 8.30 at night (depending on when she woke from her nap) and she then sleeps till 8.30 or 9.30 am. She then has a nap of around 3 hours just after lunch. I reckon she is sleeping between 16-17hrs a day and this has been going on for ages now. Could she be low in something? her diet is terrible even though I try my best!!

Anyone else encountered this and did you consider going to the doctor?
Thanks smile
Sounds like my boy, he will sleep from 6.30/7.00 till 7.00/8.00 and nap up to four hours a day. Every kid is different, ours just love their sleep smile
It sounds like a lot to me but as the others said every child is different and has different needs. My daughter is 26 months. She goes to bed between 7-8.30 at night and wakes around 6.30am. About 3 times a week she doesnt have a nap so thats when she is in bed at 7. Otherwise if she naps its usually only for hour and half 2 hours max at 12:30.

Its been quite a few months since she started boycotting some of her DS on the other hand only dropped his few months ago and he is now 3 1/2.

Being as her diet is not where you want it to be it may be worth mentioning to your dr, I'm sure that she just loves her sleep but never hurts to check!
From age 1 - 2 my son slept 13/14hrs overnight and a big 3-4hr sleep during the day every day smile Nothing to worry about, some kids just need more sleep than others smile

Until a couple of months off 3 years old my son slept 11-12 hours at night and a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. Dont worry enjoy the peace and quiet. She'll drop the nap in time and you'll be wishing for it back again lol.

Thanks for all the answers smile sounds like it's not too abnormal then and so I will appreciate it while it lasts smile
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