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Lots of question Lock Rss

1. Whats the difference between NAN H.A Gold and NAN Pro Gold? Apart from the price.

No idea sorry

2. Those fresh food feeder net bag things, has anyone used them? I am thinking of put ice in one for ds to start then later on putting frozen fruit in it? Or maybe frozen breast milk?

I used to put apple and carrot in ours. But hardly used it be honest.

3. Anyone heard of drinking milk to help you make milk?

yeah. a nurse told me to try complan to boost supply in the afternoons.

4. If you have stairs how did you baby proof them? We have a set inside which arent used and I am worried that if I just put a baby gate there ds will lean on it and it will give way.

we have used gates in doorways and you can screw them onto the wall so they don't fall over.

5. How old is too old for a carseat? 5 years? 10 years?

In NZ its up to at least 7 years old

6. When did you put your child/ren in a forward facing carseat?[/quote]

DD1 was 15 months and DD2 was 25 months old
Yeah all seats are different. The brand I use has a 10 yr life.

As for legal age of child, don't know the law for Aussie.
The Nan HA (hypo allergenic) is for babies where there is a suspected allergy or if there is a history of allergies in the family, the milk protein is more broken down therefore supposedly easier to digest, the Nan pro Gold is just a standard gold formula. When we switched to FT formula we were recommended the HA but it didn't agree with bubs but the Nan pro gold worked a treat smile

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