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Hayfever tablets and breastfeeding Lock Rss

I have taken telfast type meds that are non drowsy, the only thing with them I was told was to watch your supply. As they are designed to 'dry you up', in terms of mucus, they can also dry your supply up a bit too, but drink extra water and take the minimum amount you need to keep your symptoms at bay and you should be fine.

I was always told that polaramine is ok during pregnancy but bit while breast feeding.

Its hard when you get given different answers everywhere you turn! I work in a pharmacy and Polaramine is definitely one of the safer ones during pregnancy simply because its been researched more than the newer ones. But in a breastfeeding mum, as the other girls said, the non sedating ones are much preferred.

You can get herbal ones, we have the Brauer brand but I highly doubt a lot of the ingredients would have been tested enough to be able to say it was safe... Vitamin C and tissue salts (try the Schuessler brand) are great though, as are a lot of the nasal sprays and eye drops. Good luck!!
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