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What have your kids done lately that made you laugh? Lock Rss

My kids didn't like the yoghurt spread on the fajita tortillas last night, I caught my 2 yr old trying to get the cat to lick it off, and my 4 yr old sneaking his into the bathroom to wash his under the tap!

Aka G&L smile

DS has suddenly decided he's going to toilet train himself. He runs off to the toilet, takes off his nappy, sits on the seat and proceeds to tell me that his 'sticky' and 'piddle' are sleeping and then calls out for them to wake up. Yesterday he sat there and started knocking on the wall of the toilet saying "sticky wake up! piddle wake up! Oh no, they're sleeping in your bed mummy" .... I burst into laughter at how serious he was about it all then thought for a second and went and checked my bed just in case (all was fine though smile ).

We had to buy a bumper for DS's cot as he had been getting stuck in it now that he can roll. I could hear him chatting when he was 'supposed' to be sleeping one day, stuck my head in to check and here he is with both feet resting on top of the bumper, looking quite comfortable.
not really funny but this morning ds1 told me he was taking the tube of vegemite to school as they are going to the high school for mini lessons and they are making pizza.His favourite is vegemite pizza, pizza base spread with vegemite and topped with cheese.He has gone straight to cricket training so not sure if he was able to make it.Once before they made nachos with chopped veg and cheese he only put cheese on his LOL

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

We got santa photos done this morning and DS told him he was getting a horse for christmas. Don't know where he plucked that one from, he's never said to me he wanted one. Santa looked at me and said a horse with a suprised look on his face and I laughed and said no.

our DD (5) is always saying something ridiculous - it has just become the norm in our house now & usually doesnt even register as something to retell... eeek.. LOL


this morning while she was getting ready for school, she was getting quite agitated & kept looking at the fireplace.. we have one of those oven style ones, you know, with the glass doors, not the open fireplace type ones.. anyway, i was getting kinda cross, as we were already running super late & she kept trying to get over to the fireplace... it went something like this:

Me: DD WHAT are you doing?? come back & finish getting ready for school, the bell has already gone!!
DD: Just wait, i need to open the door on the fire!!
Me: WHAT - stop being ridiculous - it's 830 in the morning & it's 38 degrees alraedy, leave the fireplace alone & finish getting ready for school
DD: but mum, if santa comes today to check out what toys i need for Christmas, he will come down the chimbley & get stuck in the fire box!
Me: cant he just go back up the chimney?
DD: no, he can only come down the chimbley - he needs to come out the fire box - the door needs to be open!!
Me: OK, open the door then.. how does he get out of the house then if he cant go up the chimney?
DD: he goes out the front door silly - how else would he get out??
Me: well, i wasnt sure, that's why i asked!! how silly am i - i should've already known that.
DD: yes, you should of, cause youre the mum & youre supposed to know everything....

Oh my... god i love kids...
argh - she's a total clown that's for sure... the funniest thing is the way she says it tho - it's all so serious, this morning she was just about in tears thinking about santa being stuck in the fire box.. haha..
i told another classic DD story on here once before & i will retell it, just cause its funny..

DD (4 at the time) & i were walking in the shopping centre & i could see a really BIG man walking towards us - big as in giant big - not obese big... anyway, even i had to catch myself from staring a little - even his hands were oversized, he obviously had a genetic problem.. He walked tall & proud tho, he was obviously confident & fairly comfortable in his size...

Of course i had a feeling that miss 4 would say something, so i was trying desperately to walk a little quicker & drag her along so that we would pass him quickly....

noooo - she waits until we are right up next to him & says - quite loudly - OMG mum - look its a giant!! (holy cow - i just wanted the ground to open up & swallow me!!).. the man just kinda smiled & took it well & i kinda did the DD shhhh - in the hushed kind of voice... & looked up at him with that ridiculous - i am so sorry look on my face --- THEN, she follows through with - i hope he doesnt want to EAT us!!

I just about died there on the spot & didnt know whether to laugh or cry!!

OMFG!! we have never read Jack & the Beanstalk EVER again!!
then there was the time that she told my FIL, that i have a hairy FRONT BUM!!!

OMFG are you serious?? of all people!! why o why could she of not said that to the MIL at least????
Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
"Do you think that lady eats all that mans food?"

OMG... thank god you were in the car - that would have been soooo embarrassing....

Kids are so gorgeous, they just call it as they see it/think it... no informational processing at all... they think it, so it must jsut be...

Even her school teacher asks us where she comes up with stuff - we just shrug our shoulders & say dunno, it's just who she is... she's quirky.
3littlemen wrote:
the hairy front bum wins it for me

ergh i know... i think by far that would probably be one of the funniest things she has done...
laugh Chili love the stories about your DD!

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