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Country Mums n Bubs Rss

Hi Ladies,

Thought I might start a thread dedicated to all the country mums out there to give us the chance to chat and discuss specific issues related to raising children on properties.

We live on a cattle property and I have a 6 month DD smile

Hope to hear from you soon!
hi there!
i live on a dairy farm, have a 2 yr old DD and due for 2nd DD in 2 wks!
are u in nz or auz?
i grew up on a sheep n beef farm myself and wouldnt have it any other way for my kids! my DD loves outdoors and animals so its the perfect lifestyle for us to bring up our family on smile
Hi there,
Thought I'd pop in. I'm not actually on a property, rather a small block in the 'burbs, however, its a rental and we have plans (not for a year or two though) to move rural. No where set in stone yet, but we're positive about the move. I'm from Sydney and refuse to let my kids go to schools here.
So would love to chat to you and read about the lifestyle a little more. I'm so dearly looking forward to it. My DF is looking into different options for us and its all pretty exciting.
Anyways, my names Jessi, have DS1 21 months and DS2 13 days.
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