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Do you buy your baby stuff online?? Lock Rss

Hi, I am just wondering whether it is worth it to buy baby needs online instead of stores.. love the fact that I dont need to go out and drive and waste all the time to find parking. but i still need to pay for delivery fees.
Is it worth the savings buying online than going to the shops?
and what do you normally buy online?
I bought my pram and matching capsule online if that counts... We can thank Trade Me in New Zealand for that one smile They have some great baby gears online there. Clothes, change tables, bibs, the list goes on and on.
I buy stuff on the pumpkin patch website - I buy baby clothes when they are on sale. If you join up to their website they send you emails every couple of weeks with a code to get free postage, otherwise I think it is $7 or $8. I haven't brought of any other baby shops though.
I love buying things online. For my baby stuff I bought my cot, change table, rug, toy box, clothes, little table for the nursery, cot manchester, wall decorations and I'm sure other things that I cannot think of.
Thanks so much! I bought bottles, bibs, cutlery, cups, but never buy cot, strollers , furniture... do they charge a lot for delivery?
I am hoping online stores would sell the stuff a lot cheaper?
I very rarely go into a baby store these days. I do most of my shopping online and I look for places that have the best delivery rates like free delivery on orders over $50.00

markets are also another good place to score great deals!

The Baby View

I buy stuff from baby universe online. They do free delivery if your order is over a certain amount (errrghh baby brain I can't remember how much though)
I bought pram online ( and matching bassinette saved over $140 including delivery compared to cheapest baby shop we looked at.

Since I had saved on pram I thought I would spend money saved on rain cover, mosquito net (for pram). Also bought the mat thingy that goes in pram after bubs is too big for bassinette on pram. There was a bouncer on clearance for $30 so added that to basket. All came to about same amount as just pram and bassinette in store.

I didn't feel comfortable buying baby seat online or cot. Bath change table got from ebay from someone local. It is just like new was only $50 saved $100 there too.

I like to see what I like in shops then look it up online and find best price. This goes with TV's Airconditioners, just to name a few thing's we have bought this way. If you walk into a place like good guys or JB HI FI and say I seen a product for x amount online can you match it they always seem to give you a better deal. Look around. It was embarrassing first few times asking for a bargain. But if you don't ask you dont get. Saved almost $1000 on 3 new split system air conditioners this way just last weekend.
I buy as much online as possbile. You can often negotiate a discount if you are buying lots (eg, from babyuniverse we bought our pram and bits, cot, bookcase, toybox, etc.) and they gave us a big discount plus free delivery. Other places I will sometimes ask for free delivery if I purchase from them and they honour it. I even do our groceries online now from Countdown - they give free delivery codes if you call the 0800 number. Life is too short to be out shopping around with two tiny ones when it can be done faster and easier while they are asleep.
I recently bought online from both Kmart and Target.

I am 100% happy with everything about the process. I bought a wooden change table, change mat, wipes, lotions, hangers and clothes.

With being heavily pregnant and the madness of christmas shoppers, finding a car park (im on a disability pension for arthritis and even with a disabled parking permit i struggle to find a park), standing in queues at the checkout, loading and unloading of the heavy item (change table) from shelf to trolley to car and then in the house it was so much easier to just go on my computer...find the item i was interested in and order...i had two boxes delivered within the week for $9 delivery fee.

My Kmart item was a 7 piece glass table and 6 chairs outdoor setting that I had seen in store and was online for sale..I didnt hesitate to pay the extra on delivery for heavy items of ($40) as there was no way I could have got it home in my little Yaris hatchback nor did i know anyone with a trailer and a car to tow it.

I would not hesistate to order online again!
Now there are lots of websites can supply free shipping on line for baby stuff.

I often buy stuff at Beltal which are a B2B site assembled lots of sellers providing professional wholesale baby apparel, baby hat, baby nappies, baby shoes.

some of sellers can also promote some coupons per week. so you can get more favorable ones for your baby.


Yes, there are lot of sites online offering quality baby stuff with free shipping. I recently purchased baby stuff from and I thank them for their services and they always come up with best products.
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