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Bonds easysuits..... Lock Rss

firstly, i got given one, but dd was too big for it so i stupidly bought a bigger size (the style with little boy legs and no arms) and is was ok while it was a little big for her. then i bought a winter one (long arms and legs)cos the other was kinda cute on. but that is the hardest thing i have ever put on a kid, i make my dh to get her ready for bed when she is wearing that!! lol aren't i mean!!

question: why are you all boycotting bonds?? the only thing i can find that is/was acctually made in aust was them damn suits! all the pasfic brands bras jocks other baby wear that "we" own ALL say "made in china". its been being made there for ages!! although teh made in china stuff still had the made in aust price tag!


I hate these lol! My MIL bought a few when they were on special and I gave them away brand new. Couldn't even get DD (she was 18 months at the time) into it lol.
I am not boycotting bonds, there are way to many compines under pacific brands that i would also have to boycott if i wa going to do thta. My easy suits do say made in australia though.. I am hard pressed to find any prduct that exclusively made in oz as it is, whether it be food clothing, shoes, homewares... . So , no i am not boycotting. I am a sale item buyer anyway, so if it has a reduced tag on, i dont care what it is, if i like it i will buy it.
I agree with everyone, definately not easy!
"I was going to take pictures and send them to Bonds with a note that said 'Did a Man invent this?'

Actually they did!! Apparently a man got sick of trying to match the buttons up correctly on the normal suits so he designed these ones to make it easier. I actually don't find them too bad. but I must be the only one. took a bit of stretching of the suit but eventually it was easier to get on and off.
I got given one of these for DS2 and it took me about 3 goes until i got him in it, although i had to bend his legs so much I thought I was going to snap them off!! He has only worn it once and I cant be bothered with it again.

They are the worst design in baby clothes I have ever come across.

hmm dispite what everyone else is saying, i actually didn't mind them. Felix is a wriggly little worm sometimes and it was a little intimidating at first the look at what i was trying to do - though he wasn't in pain and it was good because i didn't have to search for the pants or the buttons in the middle of the night.

each to their own....

I have about 3 of them - all given as gifts and I have not used any of them. We have tried the "easy"suit and even checked out the bonds website for the instructional video. I think they are the worst baby's outfit ever.
I really like the easy suits and find the really easy to get on n off. I didnt try one until DS was about 3 months old but he lived in the shorty ones in summer as they are light. Now he is crawling I like to use them as he is a wriggle pot and I dont have to worry about buttons or zips.

I wouldnt use them on a newborn, Id be too scared I was going to break a leg LOL

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Hmmm ... i got given a few of these and of course tried them on my newborn but now she's nearly 3 months maybe i should give them another try. The concept is good.
Those so called Easy suits are definately not easy, especially when you leave it up to hubby to dress bub. he was so worried that he was gunna break her legs and arms that he gave up and called me to rescue her. they make it look so easy on the ad, but what they don't show you is that you have to strtch the be jesus out of it to make it fit. won't be buying those again.
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