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Sooooooo mad! Am I being stupid? Lock Rss

My DD is 17 weeks old today & went to MIL's yesterday afternoon. MIL is great but has two friends in particular that drive me nuts! Whenever I go round & they're there I'm constantly being critiscized about anything & everything. Usually I just ignore them & all is well, (they even said its WRONG for her to be sleeping 8pm-7am without a feed! i think its pretty darn good just quietly tongue shes 9.2kgs at her last weigh a few days ago so not like i starve her tongue) but they came round to MIL's while she was looking after bubs. She was asleep & while MIL was doing some washing bubs woke up so one of them went to pick her up. Apparently upon deciding she was hungry even though shed just had a 250ml bottle an hour ago, they decided to give her a big dollop of cream from a donut one had then let her suck on a strawberry, some potato chips & a piece of cheese! It annoyed me sooooo much because all shes ever had is farex, we havent moved onto anything else yet, & while it didnt upset her tummy, it still pees me off, especially the potato chips. I'm not going to be a healthfreak mum & when shes a bit older I dont see the harm in her having a little suck on a potato chip, but not at 17 weeks, especially when shes not even really on solids! They know shes not on solids too, much to their disgust as they were tryna get me to ram custard & apples down her throat at 6 weeks. I wasn't impressed but of course according to them I'm just being silly (im only 18 so of course i know nothing, funny considering one had her first at 15) arrrgh it just annoys me so much, am i being stupid?
No Way hun you have every right to be *issed off!! As i would too!! Its no one else place to introduce your bub to foods unless you advice them otherwise!!
You are absolutely right to decide what foods and at what age you bub gets foods. I would be so angry if it happened to me! Stick to what you want to do. There are really good reasons for holding off on certain foods until 6months or even 1 year, ie to avoid choking, and risk of allergies. A child health nurse would back you up 100%.
ahhh thankyou! its good to know i wasnt being over the top, especially because her dad is allergic to strawberries, id always planned to just wait till after 12 months to try em out! MIL rang this morning & one of them was over there & she yelled out & asked wether I'm using tap water for DD's bottles yet. GRRRRGH! i dont drink tap water, it tastes like a** so i dont see why my daughter HAS to. not like it inconveniences them. ahhh. some people!
OMG this sort of thing really gets me annoyed even when its not happening to me! i hate people like that, why can't they just mind their own business and let you do what you KNOW is right (not what they believe from 50 yrs ago when they were quite happy to leave babies out in the garden for 3 hours by themselves!!!)

stick to your guns and tell your MIL that you don't want her friends feeding your baby. if they continue to do it then i would say to your MIL that she can still look after bubs but only at your house, so that her friends aren't able to stuff food in your bubs mouth lol!!!

That is disgusting i would be having a go at your mil for letting them do that to your baby as she should not have let that happen god knows what they will try next.

Some people are unbeleiavable???????????????????

You could take a brochure from child health nurse or print something off internet to prove your point.
Good Luck
thats just downright stupid of them!(and they think they know best grrrr)I have a PITA MIL thank god she,s 8hrs away, what they did is so wrong and dangerous
arrgh, i went round again today because we'd left a whole bunch of DD's nappies round there & one of them was there again & came up to me while smoking & wanted to take bubs off me & i said no cause she was smoking, didn't go down well with her. told MIL how shed had a bad night the night before & not slept & according to them its because i dont let her sleep on her tummy ("i did that with all my girls & they slept 14hours a night each night without fail" blablahblah) & then she offered to melt some chocolate in the microwave to give DD... i'd hate to know all the things she did to her poor kids, who gives a 4 month old chocolate?!?! i can just imagine the wind :S eeek. stupid people. MIL is really angry with them, think she gave them a good telling off. hopefully they dont bother coming round anymore when they know im there if my parenting really bothers them that much LOL tongue
errr my fil is terrible i will never leave my son alone at mil because of him! i was making lil one lunch had him in his highchair turned around and there was FIL putting raw meat upto my sons lips for f**ks sakes raw meat is he an absolut idioit OoOh did i loose it! another time we had kfc lil man would have been only 5months old and hes trying to give him kfc chicken skin behind my back a**hole!! (sorry about swearing it gets me soooo angry!!) and also telling me to get lil mans bottle so he could put some beer in the teat so he can suck on it!!!!!!! the thing that bothers me is iv told him never to give anton anything with out asking me first whether its okay or not but instead he trys to go behind my back and give him things but to make it worse every time i say no to something he says in a smart a** joking way... just wait when mummys not here!! pfft after that do you seriously think im going to leave him alone with you.. forget about it!! sorry about the long vent it just gets me sooooooooo angry!!
Tell those 1d10t's to cop on! This too makes me extremely mad.
1. Your baby isn't even fully on solids yet.
2. Those foods aren't the best to be given to such a young bub.
3. You should be the one who gets to enjoy the experience of letting bub try new foods.

Put the old hags in their place. Maybe also have a chat to MIL, seeing as they are her friends, it might be time that SHE says something to them.

I do understand how young mothers seem to cop a lot of sh*t from some of the oldies. I'm 26 but look A LOT younger, and I've had some extremely stupid things said to me out in shopping centres. I bite their heads off now, I just don't have the patients for it.
Oh my god! They're insane! If I were you I'd march right up to them and them em where to stick it! lol. I can't stand people like that. They've got no right.
I would have a chat to MIL about whats happening and get her to stick up for you smile

Wow I am so glad that I live 2 hours away from all my family as they would drive me crazy. Do what you think is right for your baby. We have come a long way since they raised their children and times have changed. You don't feed a baby at 6 weeks, its recommended 6 months now although I did start my son on solids at 4 1/2 months on the recommendation of the doctor and health clinic nurse, but he doesn't have much variety as yet basically just cereal, sweet potato, sweet corn. But I had relatives saying to me when my son was 3 months old that I had better start the solids now as he needed them. I think I should be the judge of that. The best thing to do is just listen to them and let it go over your head otherwise they will just keep nagging anyway, but you go away and do what you want. Unfortunately you will need to put your foot down and tell them (in a nice way) that you need to start off feeding solids slowly in case of allergies if they try to feed your baby because in the end it's your baby not theirs and if they get their nose out of joint then tough, you will find they won't stay mad at you because they will want to see the baby. They just need to realise that your the MUM not them.
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