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hello, my 10 month old has 2 top and 2 bottom teeth with 2 more top on the way. past week he started grinding his teeth and its so yucky the noise and i can only imagine how yucky it feels to him. what can i do to stop him? do all kids do this too?

Tania and Jaiden

My 9 mth old son is grinding his teeth too. He has 2 bottom and 1 top but the other side is coming through. It makes my hair stand when I hear his teeth grind. I have no idea how to stop him from doing it. My first one didn't grind her teeth. I just try to give him something to hold every time when he grinds. I really don't know what else to do.
wow I was coming on here to post the same thing! My son just got his second top tooth through so has the two top and two bottom and when he grinds them I cringe, it's awful! I've been giving him something to chew on and sticking it in his mouth or putting my finger in there.

Should we be making a big deal? Will they grow out of it?

I hope it doesn't affect the teeth coming through. Maybe someone has some experience with this???

Hello all

Just thought i would share this with you..
My DD is 4 in July and still grinds her teeth to this day. I took her to the dentist about 12 months ago and she said that teeth grinding is stress related... What can a 4 year old be that stressed about!! lol She told me that they do grow out of it and it doesn't damage their teeth so there was nothing to worry about...
I think it sounds worse than it is!!!

My Little man 9 months with 2 top and 2 bottom teeth has just started grinding today that noise!! I try and stop him but he constantly grinds is this bad?

Tracy due october 11 2007 #1

My 10 month old does the same thing and has days where he does more than others. I read that it's usually to do with experimentation with the sensation and sometimes it can be to release tention due to teething or frustration. Apparently they grow out of it which is good because the noise is awful and I can't tell him at this age not to do it lol.

Hi Tanzy,

My DD grinds her teeth sometimes too but I spoke to a health nurse and it is really nothing to worry about. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to stop your son from doing it. I find that the only time my daughter really grinds her teeth is when she is teething which the health nurse said would be to try to relieve the pain as the pressure helps. It certainly drives me up the wall too the sound makes me cringe!

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

my DD is 10mths and has 6 teeth. she was grinding a lot for about a month but hasnt done it all for at least a week so I am hoping she has grown out of it. All the research I did into it suggested it is just an experimental thing and they will grow out of it. I have also been told it sounds much worse than it is. I guess if they continue to do it for ages and ages you could see a dentist. I used to just give her a teeth ring or a rusk to chew on if she was grinding her teeth a lot.

My 10month old also did this, we gave him a teether or a wet face washer to chew its how they deal with the pain of teething. I also read that someone's dentist said it was stress related my dentist tried to tell me the same thing. I found that by giving my son things to bite he soon stopped the grinding.
Hi there, My son is 7 1/2 months old and he has been gringing his teeth for about 1 week. It is driving me crazy! He only was doing it every now and then but now it is all the time. When he has to have his solids he his too busy grinding and he doesn't want to open his mouth. He has 2 middle bottom teeth and 2 middle top teeth and he has just cut the top eye tooth. Please help!!!
My DD (16months) does the same thing when her teeth are coming through.

I dont think its anything too much to worry about. Hopefully they'll grow out of it.

DD - 07.04.07 DS - 27.10.09

My DD is 8 months and she does it too. The only stress she has at the moment is working out to sit down from standing so I dont think it is stress related only just a phase she is going through.
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