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brushing teeth Rss

hi ladies!
im just wondering my son is almost one and hes currently cutting his 8th tooth. does anyone know when to start brushing there teeth? some people say now others say wait until there molars come through.. just wondering what other mums are doing?
Hi there

Our DS cut his first two tooth when he was 6 mths old we have brushed his teeth since then, mostly just to get him into the habit as at first you dont get much brushing done! We only brush with water though no toothpaste on recommendation of my mother (a dental nurse). He is now 14 1/2 mths old and has about 10 teeth, thankfully now hes into the habit he lets us actually get a little bit of brushing done which is good!
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Hi! Ds is 11mths with 5 teeth and we usually brush his teeth twice a day. I don't use any toothpaste just ran his brush under some water. He got his first tooth at around 6mths and until it came through properly, I was just using a damp cloth to clean his teeth.
Hi, i work at a dental surgery & the dentists reccomend that you can start brushing when the first tooth comes through just to get them used to it. As the other post said just with water and then when he is just over 12months start using a tiny amount of a childs toothpaste. I have seen so many children aged 1-3yrs that need to have teeth removed due to decay & it is heartbreaking so i would definately start especially now as he would be on solids. If you need any more info i would contact the local dental surgery in your area & ask them to send you a brochure, this is what we do & alot of mums have found it very helpful. My bub is 5months & i will be pulling out all the brochures when she starts getting teeth.
Goodluck xxx

hi thanks for that info ladies! i might ring up surgery and get them to send sum info out to us! thanks again
i was told to wash with cloth gently to start with then start brushing gently with a brush from around 8months then toothpaste from 12months.
we were recomended also if theres no fluoride in your local water supply use an adult paste, if there is ou can use childrens.

Monique mum 2 Haleigh & James

I started brushing my girls' teeth from when the first one came through. i used a silicon finger toothbrush from a brand called Dream Baby for my second and a Nuk one for my first (don't know if they still make Nuk ones).


I am also Ruby''''s mum!

I have a 8month old son, his got his two bottom teeth and starting to grow his third on the top. How do you know if the teeth has fully grown to start brushing?


DD Cut her first two teeth a month ago and since the first one cut i have given her a tooth brush with water to chew when mummy brushes her own.. I also give it to her at night in the bath .. she loves it
we made it a part of bath time routine. While the eldest are in the shower, i give them their own toothbrush to use with a very small amount of toothpaste (barely a taste!). While they are chewing on their brush, i get mine out and start brushing mine with them in front of them. My 2.5 y/o is starting get the idea of how to do it. After a bit of doing it on their own, i take it and brush their back teeth.
As i have two kids that get in the shower, i tend to have very clean teeth, lol!
My 16m/o is stilling chewing on the brush. She knows what she has to do, but doesnt quite have the coordination yet to do it on her own.

My 5m.o hasnt yet cut his first tooth, but i wipe his mouth down daily with a clean, wet cloth
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