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December 06 Baby Rss

My son was born on 28th december at 11:33am weighing 6 pounds 14 ounzes. He was born after 4 hours of labour. He was due about the 7th of January, but was induced on the 28th. He is now 6.5 months old. He is doing really well development wise and is a very happy baby who has been sleeping all night since he was 3 months old.
Hi there!

Thats he your first baby? My daughter was born on the 23rd Jan! She was born after a 7 hr labour, weighing 3.33kg. She also is developing well weighing 8.8kg, sleeps really well during the night 7pm - 7am but doesnt sleep all that well during the day.

Yes he is my first baby. He's my pride and joy smile. My littleman usually goes to bed about 6pm and will wake again about 6am. Usually he sleeps all night, but on the odd occasion he will wake up around 3am. He'll have a feed at 6ish and go back down for anywhere between 1.5 - 2 hours. He also doesn't sleep all that well during the day. If I'm lucky he might sleep for .5 - 1 hour during the day, but then we can also go for days with no sleep at all during the day leaving a very tired baby and mum lol. Is your daughter your first born?

My little guy was born on the 19th December after 5hours. He was 3350kgs. He is 7months now and weighs 8.5kgs. He sleeps well at night too about 7pm to 0630. What are your babies eating these days?

[Edited on 23/07/2007]

My son, Nate, loves his food. He started solids at 6 months, and is still breastfed. He's eating baby rice, banana, apple, pear, potato, pumpkin, carrot. He's taken to it much better than I expected. How about your son?

My little boy Lucas loves anything with banana in it! He will only eat vegetables that I make he doesnt like the tinned types. Although today he refused to eat any solids. He has been having formula since he was 4months old as I ran out of milk (I tried expressing every 2hours but no luck). Lucas still pulls a disgusted face every time I give him the first spoonfull but then continues eating. I have been told different things as to whether to give solids or milk first. What do you and Nate do?

I was told different things as well about giving milk before or after solids. I decided that I would try both options with Nate and see what worked best for him. Most of the time I give him solids then milk. However, if he is really grumpy around a meal time, I will give him milk while my partner heats his solids up.
I am gradually introducing him to new flavours, he had a very interesting combination for breakfast this morning, but seemed to love it. It was pear & banana cereal mixed with left over Mango & apple from a tin.
I've been pretty lucky and he is eating basically anything I try with him. I prefer to give him vege's and fruit that I make. His grandmother has tin food and ont he odd occasion he has that.
Are you in Australia or New Zealand?

Hi there.

My daughter was born on the 10/12/06 after being over by 12 days. She is the cutiest little girl. She weighted 3.825kgs when she was born and now weights 8.18kgs.

Lily''s mum

Congratulations! How is she doing development wise? Does she have any teeth yet, does she crawl etc?

Hi Jacqui,

We are in Australia, Brisbane area. Lucas was happy to eat anything until yesterday and today. We assume its a phase he is going through and arent worried at the moment as he is still drinking his milk. He is also still his happy normal self, sleeping 11-12hours at night.

Where are you guys from? I love the name Nate. We tried to choose a name that wasnt that popular and Lucas wasnt in the top 50 for the previous year but now it has suddenly jumped up to become more popular!!

Hello to Lily`s mum - cant wait to hear what your little girl is up to!

Hi Lisa

We are in Masterton, which is in the Wairarapa in NZ. I have family in Brisbane. They live in Camira.
Lucas was one of the names that I suggested for our littleman, Nate is short for Nathan, he is named after his father (Nathan snr). It gets too confusing calling them both Nathan, so baby became Nate.
He's still eating everything offered to him, although now he's not sleeping. He usually goes to bed at 6pm and will sleep through till about 6-7am. Last night though he must have decided that I wasn't tired enough coz he woke up at 9, didn't go back to sleep till 11pm. Then up again at 1, 2, and 5.30am. He hasn't had more than about 30 minutes sleep today either. Maybe he will crash tonight, i hope so, I need some sleep. lol smile I've got a very grumpy littleman here now, so I'll have to go. Talk again soon.

Hi Jacqui,

Well Lucas finally started eating his solids again today - who knows why he stopped!. We live probably 40kms north of Camira, so not to far. We nearly went to New Zealand for our honeymoon but chose Tasmania instead as people told us if you see New Zealand first you might be disappointed with Tasmania. Tasmania was great so I can only imagine how beautiful it must be there.

Lucas did the same thing with his sleeping a while back for a couple of nights and then suddenly his top two teeth appeared! We just gave him some nurofen before bed and bonjella teething gel. I dont know if thats Nates problem but maybe check those little gums. Anyway Lucas fell back into his usual sleep pattern easily.

Anyway good luck and I hope you get some sleep - let me know how he goes.

Cheers Lisa
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