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My name is Karli i'm 21yrs n i have 7month old daughter.
i constanly get looks from older ladies when i'm out n about with bubs. It's very frustrating. Just because i'm young doesn't mean i'm not capable of providing n looking after my daughter. Just wondering if any1 else is feeling the pressure of being a young mum?


hey im ilana and im 17 i fell pregnant at 15 and had bub at 16 i am now 17 and she is 8 months old, i get alot of weird looks even some of the nurses wen i got sick through the pregnancy were quite weird towards me.. are u still with ur partner, do u hav any probs??
Hi Ilana

I had really mean midwives when i had makayla they expected me 2 know every thing n really talked down to me when i asked for help but this lady i think in her early 30's asked for help on the same thing n they were really nice to her. Yeah i'm still with my partner r u?
where r u from?
How did ur parents react when u told them that u were pregnant?


hey karli yeh im still with my partner but sometimes i wonder why he doesnt do anything with bub and it really shits me.. i am from new zealand but this yr is my 4th yr in perth..the only reason i found out i was pregnant is coz i had a UTI and ended up in hospital and me and the nurses went through some contraception options and yeh i wanted the implanon they had to take blood first to make sure i wasn't pregnant and as it happened i was pregnant.. the same night i messaged my dad and yeh then he told me to get rid of it and everything and didnt tlk to me for 2 weeks and my mum was ok dad always sed to me through the pregnancy that he wasn't comin to my labour but he did he ruched there and was walkin up n down the hall waitin to hear wat was happenin lol.. now he is all good with it, he is still quite disappointed in some ways coz he thinks i have ruined my life and everything but yeh i just tell him where to stick it lol
I use to live in WA! About 4yrs ago but my parents are still there. what suburb?
Why doesn't your partner help with bubs? Is he the same age as you? DP helps but he is more of a hinderence then a help n i always get p***ed of with him cos he always loses it to easily.

i live in armadale at the moment but on sunday i moving to wanneroo.. my partner works night shift so he sleeps during the day but even wen he is home he dun do anything i dunno wat it is aye but its really annoying. my partner is 22 and yeh he should be more mature then me
hey, im a 21 yr old with a 10 month old daughter and yes i get weird looks from older mums too, but i really dont care what they think, im proud to be a mummy and so should u be too! Doesnt matter how old you are, u can still care and provide to ur babies needs just as well as anyone else! Anyway if anyone has MSN messenger add me and we can have a chat!
Hey im 21, with a 10mth old son Rhylie Parker, Some ppl give me weird looks, but who cares, they can see we are happy together, yes somethings things get hard but it is the same for any other couple no matter what the age. I love being a mum so young, wouldnt change it for the world, my partner and i decided to have a baby young, i was 20 when we had bub. I think i can handle it beter now then what i would when im older and have alot of things to "pay" (like loans). Dont worry about everyone else, as long as u are happy. my email is if you ever want to chat
[Edited on 21/09/2007]
Hi all,
I'm 21, have a nearly-2-year old girl and am expecting my second early next year.
I got some of the worst looks when i was pregnant last time, as i was 19, and have had people say things like "aren't you too young to have kids", which is very helpful (not). Another thing i get asked is "what about the father", to which i reply, "oh, you would mean my husband"... That makes people stop in their tracks. Who would have thought it, a young mother who isnt just in it for the baby bonus. Cos apparentlty thats why we do it!!

hi iam ellen iam 23 with 2 girls amber who but is 4 in july i had her when i was 19 and i had my 2nd daughter mikayla at 21. i dont care what people think of me when iam with my children iam happy thats all that counts. i know it can be fusterating i went trough it too and i still get you are so young.but i dont let it bother me.


hi karli my name is brooke i have 2 young girls both under the age of 2 and im 22 i get constint looks from older ladies if the kids are screaming when the shopping has to be done, once my toodler was screaming so i kept on walking trying to egnore the crying cause i was almost finished and this mother to another kid turned around and told me to shut the baby up, i was so embarressed so i just left and went home crying i is so frustrating i know how u feel but i have learned to ignore the looks we all have the right to go out and do whatever we want with our kids and not be judged by older people, just ignore them and do what you have to do
my name is nicki i'm 24 years old i have 4 month old daughter named claire. I look like im 16 young and get those looks as well. i had one lady come up to me and said arn't you a bit to young to have a baby i was so shocked. so i do know were you all are coming from.
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