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Breeched baby and gestational diabetes Rss

Ok so I just need some advice as I don't have confidence in my OB, this is my second pregnancy first pregnancy my daughter was born emergency c section as she was posterior position and cord around her neck this was 14 months ago. I am now 38 weeks pregnant I have gestational diabetes and he is also breeched my OB has booked me in at 40 weeks. I'm just really concerned that this is too late to be booked in has anyone else had similar problems and had any complications? Very worried something might go wrong ????
Hi, do you mean you are booked in for a C-section at 40 weeks?
I think its normal to be nervous about any operation, particularly if the first was an emergency and/or a traumatic experience (I know mine was!).

Can I ask why you think 40 weeks is too late or why dont have faith in your doctor? Have you been told there is a complication (other than the breech position) or the baby is going to be large? Are you worried that you might go into labour naturally before your surgery? Or is it just anxiety creeping up in the lead-up?

If your doctor is comfortable with your baby being delivered at 40 weeks then it must mean there is no medical urgency for an earlier delivery. Doctor may also be hoping that baby will turn into a better position prior to the surgery? Remember that doctors don't want babies to be delivered before they absolutely have to be, particularly when this involves a surgery. Another thing to consider is whether your hospital is backed up with surgeries over the next few weeks and your doctor has just been able to slot you in somewhere. You never know what is going on in the background of the hospital so its important to remember that we are not their only patients. There may be somebody who needs a surgery spot more than you do.

I think it sounds like your just getting nervous and worried about your birth, which is perfectly normal at this stage in your pregnancy. If you are really concerned about it then you can always go to your doctor with your concerns and request an earlier delivery, but at the end of the day, they have you and your baby's best interests at heart, and they have policies and rules to follow as well regarding their medical practises. I have heard of them changing dates if for example the dates didnt suit (husband is travelling that week or you wont have any support at that time, which you need after that surgery). You could give that a try?

All the best for a safe delivery and a healthy baby smile
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