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***DECEMBER 2009 BUBS*** Lock Rss

Well another scorcher here in Melbourne 43c. Staying inside all day. Poor kids are getting really bored but too hot to do anything.

Rogen is doing really well sleeps through from 9-5 most nights. Last night woke about 2 for a feed and then woke at 8. I don't mind though bewcasue it is so hot I would rather him drink iykwim.

Formula - For my previous 3 I used heinz pead recommened it as the best and also alot cheaper because they are suh a big company it can be subsidised.

Anyway better go


Yes Jane, way too hot to go out. I'm chillin on the mattress in the lounge with Jaxson, not planning on moving all day.

Well Jaxson hit 2 weeks yesterday and is doing great. I switched from breastfeeding to expressing every feed. He seems to be getting more that way, he has about 100ml each feed. He's sleeping pattern is good at night, seems to want a feed every 3-4 hours although last night was great, we fed him at 12 then he slept till 5, had another feed, wanted a cuddle then back down till 10. It was great!! He wants more feeds during the day, but that's fine because it's been so hot here.

We have his 2 week check up tomorrow so will be interesting to see how much weight he has gained since switching him to the bottle.

I think that's all from me for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their new additions and are recovering well.

hi all
i feel so sorry for you all in vic and sa that are having the horrible heat, i hate summer!! hope youre staying cool. its 34 here today and thats bad enough!!
we had the inlaws stay saturday night, and i was hoping with them here, we could have a bit of a break sunday morning and have a sleep in. well jayda decided to be a mummies girl all wknd and didnt want anything to do with nan and pop!! she did however sleep thru the night for the 1st time, from 10pm till 6am. i got up at 4am just to check she was still breathing!! last night however she decided she wanted her 1am feed. ahwell, it didnt really bother me, just as long as she gives us a good night every now and then...
she is officially 1 month old today. sad!! shes getting a really funny little personality too. so cute!!she gives us lots of beautiful smiles and makes the funniest noises. me, DF and her brothers just adore her!!
have a great week all, and talk soon
cindy x

Hi ladies

Hope everyone is coping in the heat. Its 38 here today and I also feel bad for having Mackai locked up in the house all day but its just too hot to be outside.

Im loving reading about everyones bubbas. Its interesting to see how different they all are.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words about the formula top ups. I know Tates health is the most important thing but it doesn't make us mums feel any better! He hasn't had a formula bottle for a few days now - I think the fenugreek is starting to work and feeding a bit more is starting to increase my supply. I also have one boob that makes more than the other!! Im feeding first off the lazy side to encourage more supply. Im finally starting to feel a bit more knowledgable about this whole breastfeeding thing. Even with DS1 I was totally confused ....

I thought Mackai was a good baby but Tate is really a dream!! He pretty much self settles most of the time and we dont even hear from him after his night feed.

He generally goes down to bed between 7-8pm and I give him a dream feed at around 10.30. He wakes between 3 and 4 for a quick feed (usually only around 15 minutes) and then he goes back down again until around 7am.

Im following the Tizzie Hall routine again (as I did with DS). I find it quite amazing how well it works and for any new mums who haven't looked in to it I can thoroughly recommend you do. The book is called Save Our Sleep and I think its a god send. I didn't start Mackai on it until he was around 4 months old, but I've already started to get Tate into routine. Its amazing how much more in control you feel with a routine!

Anyway, sorry for rambling!


Hi all,

im here playing on the net while hubby feeding and bathing Sophie, i think i hover(sp) too much when he doing so just giving him some space tonight.
Bec what is the tizzie hall routine?
Cindy i jus want to say i just about wet myself laughing that your friend wrote on FB that you have a magic vagina!!! i couldn't put a comment just toooo funny.
anyway hope you all are well and happy
Hi everyone,

Bubba's are 7 weeks old today. Had the child health nurse visit. They are going great.

Addison weighs 4465g (up 745g in 3 weeks) & Rhys 4555g (up 805g). We are happy with their progress.

Anyone have any good tips for colic/wind?? Rhys is so hard to burp and has trouble with wind. Anything that can ease his discomfort I am willing to try! And it will help me too!


hey everyone
keri how embarrassing was that comment on facebook!! i hardly know that chick, we went to the same school, but she was a year below me, then she writes a comment about my vagina!! shaaaaaaame!!!!! was funny tho.
google tizzie hall keri, i did and it sounds quite interesting. dont know if im going to purchase the book yet or not. my SIL recommended the baby whisperer book, so i googled that and i dont think i like it. anyone tried it?? think i might just stick with what i know. im sure jayda will get into a routine eventually, shes not too bad so i dont mind, and theyre not babies forever, right?
anyway, not much else to say. i should go shower while shes sleeping
cindy x

Hi everyone
I am feeling for all of you struggling in the heat! CHCH has decided its winter agian and is freezing and raining today joy!
Well I took Flynn for his 6 week check up and jabs yesterday. All is good, he is now 4.48kg wahoo! He was so brave for the injections and pretty much went to sleep after a feed but then we had a very unsettled night. Then when he woke for his 330 feed he had done a huge explosive poo which meant I was scrubbing sheets and baby clothes at 4am argh. Now he has just thrown up his whole bottle and covered me him and the couch. Wonder if its still a reaction from the jabs as he has only thrown up 2 or 3 times in total?
Wouldnt bother me if our washing machine was working grrrr
Hope everyone is having a better day than me!!
HI all,
Bec, is the Tizzie Hall method the "sleep train"? I did that with my last, at about 7months old and it worked a treat. Emma is not in any routine yet, some nights she'll sleep to about 3am, others only 1. But it doesn't worry me, I feel better if she wakes me lots, either way I still wake in between feeds to check that she is still breathing!
hey girls

Another hot one here today! 38 degrees and even our airconditioned house feels hot. I need to step outside every hour or so just to remind me how luck we are to have the air con LOL!!!

DS1 is in daycare today and DH is still at home on holidays so Tate stayed at home with him this morning while I went and had breakfast with some girlfriends and went to the hairdresser! I feel human again!

Apparently Tate was really unsettled the whole time I was away! DH said he wouldn't sleep and cried a lot. Funny that he's now gone to sleep as soon as I got home? Maybe he missed his mummy?? I wonder if he really was really unsettled or DH just cant stand to listen to him cry for even a minute LOL ???? I'd love to see him at home with the two kids by himself!!

Tizzie Hall is the author of the book "Save our Sleep". She details a number of routines for newborns right up to toddlers. She goes over feed times, sleep times, bath times for both bottle and breast fed babies. She also has info on starting solids etc. I understand some mums don't agree with routines etc, but I was amazed at how naturally DS1 fell into her routines. Its like its a natural pattern that you just need to be shown.
It takes a few days to work into and there is a lot of crying etc whilst your working on it, but i think its amazing! Admittedly both of my babies have been very good so Im not sure how it would go with a bad sleeper or a reflux/colicy baby!

If anyone is interested in the routines Im happy to give them to you. Just PM me with details of how old your baby is. For the first few months the routines change fairly regularly as she goes from demand feeding at first, to 3 hourly feed and then stretching out to 4 hourly.

Anyway, must go ... Tizzie says its Tates feed time LOL!!

Have a great (hot) day ladies.


Just taken M to health nurse regarding his screaming all day..
She thinks he may be getting to much foremilk when i feed him so i need to feed him for much longer on 1 breast so he gets more fatty stuff as foremilk is high in lactose.
He has put on 320 grams in 8 days though which is double the amount they like to see.

Hi all,

We went and bought a double stroller so that I can get out of the house once DH goes back to work. He has already been told that he is going to Townsville for 1 week and Melbourne for 8 weeks. So I have lots of time with just me and the 2 kids.

Mitchell is 7 weeks old tomorrow and has settled into a pretty good routine. He has his last feed of the night around 10pm and sleeps through til around 5 or 6 am. He feeds every 3-4 hours during the day until late afternoon when it drops to every 2-3 hours. I don't know how much weight he is gaining but he settles after every feed.

He also has lots of awake times during the day, lasting around half an hour each. Charlie loves when he is awake and spends the time lying next to him on his floor mat talking away. Mitchell smiles most at his big sister and often tries to reach her.

Well I had better go get some sleep,


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