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***DECEMBER 2009 BUBS*** Lock Rss

Hi girls

I know technically I don't belong in here because Tate was born in November (29th), but I miss you ladies...

Haven't really read over the last posts because DH is still on holidays and its been nice spending time with him. Im trying not to spend too much time on the computer LOL!

Im having a few supply issues. Im still feeding but struggling to keep up my supply in the afternoons. Tate seems to want to feed every hour and a half after about 2pm in the arvo and I just tried to express and got a total of 40mls from both boobs. Unfortunately I had to top him up with some forumula - I sat there in tears with mothers guilt!! Stupid I know but it just makes me feel like my body should know better.

I've bought some fenugreek and I'm starting to express after every feed to try to build my supply back up.

Does anybody know if you can mix formula and breastmilk in the same bottle?? I'd feel a bit better if he wasn't having pure formula IFYWIM???

Im also prone to mastitis. With DS1 I ended up in hospital on a drip for 4 days and I've already had to go to the doctor once already. I've had a few lumps develop that luckily I've been able to massage out before it got too bad.

Other than my feeding issues Tate is doing really well. I cant believe he will be 6 weeks old on Sunday. I had him weighed yesterday and he already weighs 5.2kgs (was 3.7 born) and has grown 6.5cm since birth. Clinic nurse said obviously my supply issues aren't too bad because he is above average LOL!! I've been trying to hang on to his newborn-ness and squeezing him into newborn nappies and 0000 clothes, but had to bite the bullet yesterday and go up to infant nappies and 000. It makes me sad that he's growing so quickly, especially when DH keeps telling me that he doesn't want any more children.

Anyway girls, hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their bubs!

I will try to catch up on the posts so I know where everyone is at ...

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Hi Girls,

I have not posted in awhile either and Ella was due in Dec but we had her in Nov due to being induced so im afraid i am hanging around too!!

We are going pretty well and i cannot believe how much she is growing and how fast as she is probably our last bub as well i want her to stay a baby for longer but she is growing too fast.

We have had a few feeding issues but we are getting there slowly and she is not the happiest baby at times during the day when we are home but when we are out she is good, but she is pretty good at night so cant complain too much just a little tricky sometimes during the day with my little boy as she loves her to death but is a little jealous at times which i can understand.

It sounds like everyone else is travelling along nicely which is great to hear. I have been slack and have not booked my 6wk check or Ellas needles so need to pull my finger out as she is 7wks tomorrow not sure where that time has gone!!

Take it easy and talk to you all later Colleen
Bec and Collen we are glad you didn't ditch us for the November group, we would miss you guys.
Phillipa glad to hear things are staring to get a bit easier for you. ((hugs))
I hope we get a update about Roxie soon, i hope her Mum knows we are thinking baout her.
Tracey your little man seems to be growing in leaps and bounds by the looks of his pictures YAY.
anyway off to eat hit cross buns ( my mum works for NZ's biggest bakery they starting to get ready for easter Yum!)
hi all, emma is 7 weeks today, wow. Had her weighed Thurs, 4180grams. She is piling on the weight!. She had an unsettled day the other day so I filled up the bath and hopped in with her. She loved it. She floated around and kicked her legs and what a difference in her attitude after! However now that the other kids saw how much she loved it they all need their turn having baths with her. Must go, a litle someone has just pooped on me!

My bubs were born in November too but I am hanging around too! They were 'due' in December!

Bec don't feel guilty about a bit of formaula top up. I have to do the same now & then.

I am still using newborn nappies & 0000 at the mo. Still got some room in there. I've tried some 000 but they are too big. I was due to get the twins weighed on Tuesday lasgt week but had to postpone because of Addison's chicken pox.

It was such a horrible experience being in hospital with a sick 5 week old baby. She had it quiet severe so they wanted to put an iv in. In emergency it took 2 goes at putting it in. After we were left along I cried for her. Poor little girl. That iv lasted 24 hours & her vein collapsed so they put another in. This time it took 5 goes & 3 doctors. It was breaking my heart to be there when they did that. It took all my strength not to cry & grab her & run from the room with her. I said after that if that one didn't last then there will be no more & she can have oral antivirals. Sure enough it didn't even last 24 hours. We went home that day with orals. She was much better anyway & I wanted to get home to my family. I've seen enough hospitals to last me a while.

We had a bad day yesterday, my hubby & I were feeding/settling the twins from 3-8pm, that's right 5 hours!! They just wanted to drink! Growth spurt I am thinking. Today they are much better. Even last night they woke twice fed & went back to sleep easily.

Hubby is going out with his parents & siblings for dinner tonight. MIL keeps asking me if I am coming & I keep saying no, I've 3 kids to care for. She is like ask my sister to mind them. Ahh no! I am sure I'll scare off kids for life if I left her with a toddler & newborn twins! She helps me with them but not on her own! My MIL is such a idiot most of the time. She is so vague I would never trust her to mind my kids at all.

Anyway, enough of the moan & huge post.

Have a nice weekend x

Hi ladies,

Well we had a good night last night, Wyatt slept from 9 thru til 11, then fed for a bit and back in bed by 11.30. He didnt wake until 4 so had my best sleep since well before i got pregnant. These tissue salt tablet are working wonders on hin, no more trapped wind to upset him anymore, i highly recommend them to anyone.

We have put Wyatt on the bottle as the stress levels in our house were at breaking point, and everytime he fed from me he would scream, poo and throw up, looks like dont make a very good cow after all.

Hubby has gone out for the night (he needs "time out" from it all) so no help for me for the next couple of days, he gets real messy when he goes out and is no good to anyone for 2 days after.

SHERRON - I was in the same situation, was invited to go out to this wedding with hubby tonight and was given a dirty look when i said no, Ive got three kids to worry about, and all very active and a huge pain in the butt, not to mention my baby is only 2 weeks old and was very unsettled at that particular time. Please alot of the people i know are only just starting there families, i dont want to put them off kids.

Anyay hope everyone is well and all babies are behaving

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[Edited on 09/01/2010]


Leianne, the tissue salt tablets that you have Wyatt on are they just from the chemist they sound interesting might have to get some for Ella as we have huge wind issues.

Ella is great at night which is a good thing but painful during the day, hardly sleeps just wants to feed or be nursed does not seem happy anywhere at the moment, she does have a splint on for her hips as they were not right when she was born which are hopefully are coming off soon so I am hoping that it is them that are annoying her as it is a little tricky during the day with my little boy but it could be worse it could be night!! She is growing heaps and when we go out she is great she sleeps and eats and goes back to sleep so i might have to go out everyday!!

Hope you are all doing well and have a great rest of the weekend talk to you later. Colleen
Hi Everybody,

Jay is 7wks old already, the time seems to be going quick.

We had a bad day yesterday, Jay stayed awake from 12pm until 10pm lastnight, he was having so much trouble with wind pain and vomiting. Today I have tried him on some colic relief drops and they seem to be helping. I have also started to give him some cool boiled water in between feeds in the arvo's has he was just feeding too much, all suggested by the chemist, so I am hoping I can get him on to regular hours for feeding - as much has you can with a b/f baby. I am just finding it so hard to be feeding him nearly constantly, the other boys need me too.

We go for our 6wk check up this week if the dr is back and then on monday week Jay and Jesse are going for their needles. Jesse turned 4 on the 7th and he realy doesn't want to have his needles.

Anyway better go and try and get some sleep while I can.

Take care everyonexxxx

Colleen - I got them from the health food shop - they have a large range of different types. The ones i am using are for indigestion (the container has an E on it if that helps). We are giving him one before each feed, just hold it on babies tounge until it disolves, only takes a few seconds. Good luck with it



Leianne - Thanks for that i will have to try and find them when i am at the shops next and give them a go.

ALP- totally understand where you are coming from with the feeding and i only have one other child to look after but it has been hard, i have been slowly putting Ella on a bottle for a couple of feeds just so that she would drink that a little faster and someone else could do it if they were around and i could spend time with my boy, so at the moment i am doing half bottle feeds and half breast which is going ok but she is still feeding heaps, she is great at night but very unsettled during the day and does not sleep much in the day which is a little tricky with another child, i would not mind if she was a little more settled during the day, but we will get there.

Her splint will hopefully come off in a couple of weeks so hopefully that will help make life a little easier too.

Hope everyone else is going well.
McMum – I have supply issues too, especially in the afternoon from 2pm onwards. I understand the guilts completely. I’ve had a couple of breakdowns over the issue. I think I’ve explained what happening with me in a previous post, but I was advised by the community nurse to breast feed 10mins each side twice – the time in between lets more milk come down (I think that’s what she said) and when I run low, I do just one lot of 10mins and then top up with 50mls of formula. I’m over the guilts now as it is Bethany who is most important. She wasn’t really putting on weight and was incredibly grizzly and wouldn’t settle as she was so hungry! So don’t feel guilty, just do your best for your little bubba. And yes, I’ve been told you can combine breast with formula – well, I’ve done it and it has had no repercussions.

Beth is now in 000 clothes and went up a size in nappies, she is growing so quickly. My poor bubba has been constipated for nearly a week, it’s so hard seeing her so uncomfortable and in pain. Hearing her painful cries as she is trying so hard to poop is so hard to handle. I let DH handle helping her work it out, I have to leave the room or I’ll cry too! It just hurts my heart. Finally made a break through today (tmi I know), she’s now sleeping off her efforts. We were using Karicare Gold formula which we think didn’t agree with her as she also vomited quite a bit. Swapped to Nan HA which is supposed to be easy digestible. We’ll soon see.

To help Beth with her stomach issues, we tried Brauers Stomach Calm which really seemed to help her. That or she just got so exhausted she settled down!

With sleeping, we have good nights and bad nights. Last night she woke up at 2.30 and I fed her, but it took until 4am to get her to settle down and sleep.

I think we’re all finally starting to settle in with their babies and learning their ways and they’re getting to know us as well. I’m glad for it really, I’m feeling a lot more confident.

Sorry for the long post, I want to write more, but I’ll save it for next time!

IMG633- I vouch for Nan HA formula.. we used that with the girls as we were told by a friend who is a lactation consultant that it is the formula that is closest to breastmilk so is easier to digest. DD1 had a very sensitive stomach and bad reflux. I guess it will take Bethany awhile to get used to going from breastmilk to formula.

I am not settling at all with my bubs.. he is very unsettled, am starting to think that he maybe has colic? He screams a lot during the day and i know he's not hungry as i can hear him gulping when i feed him and i let down. So i know he's getting plenty and when i express i can get over 100 mls at a time so he must be getting enough.
I'm actually terrified of when DH goes to work tomorrow as i really struggled last week when he was at work, i just can't seem to calm him. I have heard that babies don't know the difference between hunger pains and wind pain so of course whenever i go near him he just wants milk and can smell me, but when he's on DH he will eventually go to sleep once he's got some gas out and will sleep for hours.
Have figured out now though that if he gets really bad then i feed him to calm him down, then give him a nice warm bath to relax him then hold him and pat him on the bum and bounce him a little while there is music going. That seems to be able to put him to sleep then i can put him in his swinging chair and he'll sleep for hours. Have also started giving him some gripe water hoping it will help. If he doesn't improve by Tuesday when it's open clinic day then i'll take him to the child health nurse so she can look him over.

Sorry for the long post..
Hope everyone has a good night.

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