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***DECEMBER 2009 BUBS*** Lock Rss

HI everyone
So nice to hear how everyone is getting on smile
Flynn is doing well and growing every day..had a wee cry yesterday because I went to buy nappies and he's gone up from the newborn size!! He was 3.6kg when born and last Thursday he was 4.8kg! So none of his 0000 fit..thank-goodness I didnt get too many!!

I'm still expressing and feeding which is bloody exhausting....I want to keep going but its so tiring sad Anyone else doing the same?

Have a great day
Sarah smile

Cindy we don't rock Sophie at all ( for sleeping), she is put to bed, if she still cries after 10 minutes we "pat"her and that usually works a treat.
The tongue tied thing: Sophie is partily tongue tied she spills a small amount of milk when feeeding (bottle) but nothing dramatic and still growing well, my concern is if she could have a speach impediment from it, so we are been refered to speech therapist as midwife said just leave it, i said i would if she could say won't affect her later, and she isn't sure.
Her sleeping rotuine seems to be a feed between 6-7pm then not want to sleep we give her a top up feed at 8pm then she sleeps to 2am then up again at 6am but sleeps for up to 6hr streetches during the day.
Anyway i am really enjoying her, although i do find myslef pretty tired during the day.
Her wiegh is tomorrow was8lb4oz last week, 10.5oz up on wk before look forward to seeing tomorrows.
Hope you all are well and happy
Hey all..
well Morgan is 11 days old, and he had his visit to the child health nurse today she's happy with his progress and he has put on 200 grams, doesn't seem like much compared to when my girls were born, but i guess sometimes breastfed babies don't put it on so quickly.
Still haven't got the hang of breastfeeding, he seems to have problems attaching properly. So at the moment i am having to use a nipple shield, doesn't help that he has thrush at the moment either.

During the day he feeds 3 hrly usually and at night he wants to be fed all the time, usually about 1 1/2- 2 hours.. When it comes to breastfeeding does anyone know how to tell when they've had enough? I'm not sure how to tell, so i just take him off when he's had about 45 mins worth as if i left him on he would just keep sucking for hours as he likes the comfort, but i figure if he's sleeping for 3 hours afterward then he must be getting enough as he would be crying if he was hungry.
I have been expressing a little as well, as at night i find that if i syringe an extra 20-30 ml into him at the 1 am feed or whatever time he gets fed around then he will sleep for an extra hour or so..

Went and saw the lactation consultant today, she wasn't very helpful though, she didn't even get him attached right so i have no idea how i'm going to be able to manage it. sad Bit dissapointing as i really want to be able to successfully breastfeed him as iv'e been having a bit of depression due to the failure of a natural birth and having to have a C section..

Well hope everyone is doing well, i'd better go and do a bit of tidying up before Morgan wakes up.. finally got his bassinet set up today.. LOL.. so he's actually got a bed to sleep in.

Hi ladies

I cant beleive we now have a December 09 born thread! Seems like yesterday i was just joining the "due in Dec" thread.

Tia is 4 weeks old, and she has been the dream child. Never cries, always sleeps well, and feeds well. Its so perfect!

Haha, i wish!! Just the opposite actually. She sleeps so well during the day and decides that after midnight, she loves to play.

Sometimes it takes me 2hours to settle her..then its almost the next feeding time.

When do they start to get more managable..


I also have to rock or cuddle Tia to sleep, and i have to wait until she is almost deep sleep before i put her down, otherwise, the whole thing starts over.

For some reason, DH can get her to sleep easier than me, maybe Tia picks up on my frustration at times?

My Bethany doesn't like to sleep during the day usually, just catnaps, but the last 3 days she has slept well. I went and had a nanna nap with her today, it was nice. It's lovely watching her sleep. I like having her with me in bed. I only do this during the day. It's nice bonding time.

We usually give her last feed at 11ish, she'll sleep until 3ish and then 6ish. I'm ok with that. But I can't wait until she sleeps through the night.

At night I usually rock her to sleep. The community nurse showed us the tressilian method where you rock side to side and you pat their bum as you reach each side and then when they are getting really drowsy (not asleep) put them in the cot and then rock the cot with your hand on her belly so she knows your there and as she falls asleep slowly take your hand away. But I don't usually rock the cot though. It seems to work well for me.

Alyce - I'm not sure about the chiropractor, but I'll look into it. I'm open to anything.

I cannot believe how quickly time has gone. Rachel was due in December but she came 9 days early, but I will definitely stay chatting to you guys, it was great getting to know each other.

3_busy_rugrats - I hope the BF works out for you. How old is Morgan now? I know Rachel had a hard time attaching for the first 2 weeks, especially on the right side, and no matter what the midwives said, it was painful!!! However she now attaches on her own and it doesnt hurt at all, so it was worth perservering for me anyway.

I so envy all of you who have your babies in routines! My little bubba has a mind of her own and most definitely does not have one sad Those of you who say your bubbas sleep for 6 hours a a time, are they bottle or BF? The most I have ever gotten is 4 hours and thats when I have her in the bed with me.

I also rock Rachel to sleep, only a few times I have been able to put her down and she has a sleep on her own. Sometimes I can put her in her swing to get to sleep, but that doesnt always work.

Goodnight all, I hope our babies sleep well tonight!

PS I just changed username I was kird08 (Kirstin) now I am Rachels mummy
[Edited on 04/01/2010]
Hi mummies,

I have not had a chance to read the new posts yet. Just wanted to update you all quickly.

I have just got out of Princess Margaret Hospital for Kids with little Addison. She got chiken pox, quiet badly. Poor munchkin, 5 weeks old & already so sick. She is much better now & we are home on oral anti virals. Now I have to cross my fingers that Rhys doesn't get it. He is on anti virals too just in case.

I'll tell you more about it, I am knackered & going to veg infront of the tv then off to bed.

Can't wait to continue chatting to you all.


Rachels mummy- Morgan is 11 days old. I have noticed it hasn't hurt quite so bad the last few feeds but not sure if it's becaues he's attaching better or just because my nipples are getting tougher. LOL..
There is NO WAY i have ever gotten 6 hours of sleep out of Morgan yet.. the longest i've had is 4.
His oral thrush is really bad at the moment.. seems to have gotten so much worse this afternoon mainly because the only way he'll settle is by drinking but the feeding makes it flare up so he ends up worse than when he stared. So i need to make sure that I am sterilising his dummy and the breastshields and expresser all the time now.

hi everyone
well the nurse just left & she was very helpful. shes teaching me how to put jayda asleep on her own & pointed out some mistakes i was making. jayda quite often has her fist in her mouth & i mistook this for being hungry, so ive been topping her up with milk when she does this & she often falls asleep. it actually means she is tired & this is when i should be putting her down to sleep. cos i was topping her up, she was only getting foremilk which is causing her to have really runny poo, so i have to stop doing this & instead give her a big feed, then let her have awake time, then when she starts sucking on her fist, change her & put her to bed. ah so simple!! why didnt i think of this earlier?

she was also weighed & is now 4660 grams clothed & was 4140 grams clothed upon discharge. this is a 520 gram gain. she hasnt grown in length but the nurse said its normal. i was also informed that what i thought was an outie bellybutton is actually a small hernia but nothing to be worried about.

overall shes very happy with her progress as am i!!

cindy x

ps, sherron, heres hoping addison gets well soon xx

Hello everyone,

Well another sleepless night for us last night. Wyatt doesnt have any form or routine at all. During thee day he sleeps for about an hour at a time. At about 4ish he will sleep for about 3 hours then its back to 1 hour at a time. Nights are even worse, Feeds for about 3/4 hour then sleeps for 1 1/2 hours at a time from about 11 through til 6. the lack of sleep is really getting to me now, i cry all the time and my poor boys are getting the brunt of it.

The only way he will go to sleep at the moemnt is lying on our chests and if he isn't in a deep sleep when we put him down he screams and wakes the other kids, we are in a no win situation at he moment.

Cindy - I've been doing the same, Feeding wyatt every time he puts his fist in his mouth, maybe our problem is they are over tired. Am going to try doing what you have been told and see how we go.

Anyway enough moaning from me better go and do my mountain of washing before he wakes again

Hpe all is well with everone


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