Musicians names

Musicians Baby Names
Musicians have an amazing ability to strike awe into the heart of mere mortals. Whether you dream your child will grow up to strut like Mick Jagger, vogue like Madonna or warble like Delta Goodrum, we’ve got the name for you in our musicians’ interesting baby names list.

Names from Musicians

Gender Name List Origin Add
girl Avril French add
boy Axel Hebrew, Swedish add
girl Delta Greek add
girl Dido Greek add
boy Duffy Celtic add
boy Elton English add
boy Elvis Anglo Saxon add
girl Enya Celtic add
boy Finn Irish, English add
boy Franz German add
boy Guy French, Hebrew, Celtic, English add
boy Iggy African add
boy Jarvis English add
unisex Jem Hebrew, English add
girl Jimmi English add
boy Joss Hebrew add
boy Leonard German add
girl Lori English add
boy Louis French add
boy Mick Irish add
girl Missy Old English add
girl Norah Hebrew add
boy Otis Greek add
boy Pete English add
girl Rilo Irish add