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Here's a list of names starting with d.

Baby names starting with d

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Desaree French
girl Desdemona Latin, Greek, Italian, Gaelic
girl Deserae English, American
boy Deseree French
boy Deshawn African American
girl Desi French, Latin
boy Desiderio Latin, French
girl Desirae French
girl Desiree Latin, French
girl Desma Greek
boy Desmond Anglo Saxon
girl Desrae English
boy Destan French
girl Destanee English
girl Destina Spanish
girl Destine English
girl Destini English
girl Destinie English
boy Destrey English
boy Destrie English
unisex Destry French, English
girl Desyre English
girl Dette French, German
boy Deunoro Basque
boy Dev Hindu
boy Devadut Hindu
boy Devadutt Hindu
boy Devak Hindu
girl Devaki Hindu
boy Devakinandan Hindu
boy Deval Hindu
boy Devan English
boy Devanand Hindu
boy Devang Hindu
boy Devante Spanish
boy Devapriya Hindu
boy Devarsi Hindu
boy Devavardhan Hindu
boy Devdas Hindu
unisex Deven Hindu
boy Devendra Hindu
boy Deveon English
boy Deveral English
boy Devere English
boy Devereau French
boy Devereaux French
boy Deverel English
boy Deverell Welsh
boy Deverick English
boy Devery English
boy Devesh Hindu
girl Devi Hindu
boy Devidas Hindu
girl Devika Sanskrit
boy Devilal Hindu
girl Devina Gaelic
girl Devinne Gaelic
boy Devion English
boy Deviprasad Hindu
boy Devipriya Hindu
unisex Devon English, Old English
boy Devonn English
girl Devonna English
girl Devora Russian
girl Devorah Hebrew
girl Devorgilla Scottish
girl Devorit Hebrew
boy Devottham Hindu
girl Devra Hebrew
boy Devraj Hindu
girl Devri Hebrew
boy Devron English
boy Devry English
girl Devyna English
boy Dewan Islamic
boy Dewayne African American
boy Dewei Chinese
boy Dewey Welsh
girl Dex Latin
boy Deylin English
girl Deysi English
girl Dezba Native American
girl Dezirae French
girl Deziree French
girl Dezrae English
girl Dhaara Hindu
boy Dhairyavanth Hindu
boy Dhananjay Hindu
boy Dhanesh Hindu
girl Dhanyata Hindu
girl Dhara Hindu
boy Dharmadev Hindu
boy Dharmanand Hindu
boy Dharmaraj Hindu
boy Dharmatej Hindu
boy Dharmendra Hindu
boy Dharmesh Hindu
boy Dhiren Hindu
boy Dhirendra Hindu
boy Dhoire Scottish